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Two people's shoes separated by a yellow line indicating a boundary.

Wait! What? Maybe.

Teaching Children Healthy Boundaries

How do I teach my child to be kind without getting “walked on”? 

How do I help my child develop a healthy self-esteem—not one dictated by the opinions of others?

How do I support my child to be assertive and practice effective conflict management skills? 

Answer these questions and more by learning about healthy boundaries.

 At the end of this workshop you will: 

  • Understand the different kinds of  boundaries and why they are important.
  • Understand how our bodies might inform or prevent us from setting clear boundaries.
  • Learn how to talk about boundaries in age appropriate language for children.
  • Leave with concrete tools on how to establish healthy boundaries regularly. 

What have past participants shared?  

“Excellent, thorough, absolutely informative, and in ways I could not have anticipated. Cathartic and helpful in identifying opportunities for growth within and among family (and elsewhere).”

“It was relaxed and comfortable and I appreciated the guidelines at the start. It made it feel safe to share.”

“Positive. There are many bits from the workshop that continue to come back to me.”

“It was really eye-opening and incredibly helpful. I came away with tangible tools that have already helped me and my children at home!!”

Note from Facilitator: My mission is to foster kindness in our hearts, in our homes, and in our larger community. What is evident in my clinical work and our current events is that many people have not been taught about boundaries in a mindful and compassionate way, and so we don't necessarily consider it is as a vital life skill. (It is!)  As a result, I’ve combined my training in neurobiology, trauma, couples counseling, and child development to create a framework for teaching our children (and ourselves) how to determine and set healthy boundaries. You will leave with concrete tools on how to teach children to identify and establish healthy boundaries, while also honoring everyone’s right to sovereignty. 


Fall 2019

Location: TBD


Workshops limited to 8 new participants (adults only).

Questions: Judy@JudyHuCounseling.com